Even Monkeys Fall Out of Trees

by Tom Casey, Managing Principal Discussion Partner Collaborative

Given the geo-political dynamics of 2018, 2019 portends to continue to be a roller coaster ride!The dynamics of 2019 make it hard to be sanguine regarding the future.  Geo-politically, economically, and commercially, it is a struggle to maintain a degree of certainty.

DPC has been fortunate for five years to work closely with a large global consumer products company. In a conversation with one of their Tokyo based executives he referenced the Japanese saying “even Monkeys fall out of trees”!

The saying is prophetic for many reasons, among which is relevance to the turbulence forecasted for this year.

When you contemplate the saying, your intuitive reaction is to think, “poor Monkey”, while conjecturing “what does the Monkey do now”?

There are a number of options:

  1. NFL Penalty – this is when the Monkey becomes a drama student insisting “what me” similar to the Oscar performances one sees among penalized Defensive players
  2. Woe Is Me – this is when the Monkey looks for an audience who embraces their self pity
  3. Blaming The Tree – whereby somehow the tree moved without informing the Monkey
  4. Paralyzing Indecision – “not sure trees are for me, maybe I should learn to swim”

A Monkey being a Monkey, they realize the tree is their home and the most conducive environment for their success.

However, what becomes the new post fall reality, do they wear a parachute, strap themselves to the tree, or accept the ambiguities of existence while exercising an abundance of caution?

As we progress further into 2019, accepting the ambiguity associated with the turbulence leaves two avenues for pursuit.   One can play it safe, or accept risk and go for it!

2019 will compel us to metaphorically self assess, what type of Monkey do I want to be?

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